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About Us

Mayhew is one of the most effective animal welfare organisations in London, helping thousands of dogs and cats to escape a life of abandonment, cruelty and neglect each year.

Our Vision
A society where animals are treated and cared for with respect.

Our Mission statement
Helping animals in need gain a better quality of life by delivering a broad range of community-based animal care, education and welfare projects.

How did we do in 2017?

Welfare Cases Handled


Dogs Rehomed


Cats rehomed


Dogs reunited with their owners


Animals neutered


Animals microchipped


Animals helped in the community


Key information
    • It costs over £6,000 a day to run Mayhew;
    • We are entirely funded by public donations;
    • Mayhew can take in about 30 dogs in our kennels and 150 cats and kittens;
    • Mayhew runs a Foster Care programme for cats and dogs awaiting adoption;
    • Mayhew has three Animal Welfare Officers, who work out and about in the community providing assistance and advice to animals and their carers;
    • Mayhew offers low cost neutering, microchipping & vaccinations to all dogs, cats and rabbits and provides free neutering services for Bull breeds and cats that are eligible for the C4 scheme;
    • Mayhew also runs a Pet Refuge programme for pet owners in crisis, allowing them to place their animals in a caring foster home for a short period of time;
    • Our Animal Welfare Officers work to contain and control the feral cat population in our capital, with Trap, Neuter and Return programme (TNR);
    • Mayhew Animal Welfare Officers also work with local Councils, Housing Associations, RSPCA and Metropolitan Police to address the misuse and mistreatment of dogs in the community;
    • Mayhew offers Animal Care courses and qualifications in conjunction with the College of Animal Welfare;
    • Mayhew Community Veterinary Clinic is an approved training centre for Veterinary Nurses.
    • Mayhew animals visit local residential care homes, help groups and childrens’ hospitals;
    • Mayhew takes part in over 50 events every year, including store collections, local and National events and larger Mayhew fundraisers;
    • Mayhew supports animal welfare initiatives abroad as Mayhew International. Mayhew International works in countries as far afield as Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Peru and Russia. Mayhew International also runs International Vet Training Programmes both on-site at Mayhew’s Community Vet Clinic and in the countries where we work.

Our Key Tasks

  • To take in and care for unwanted and abused animals and re-home them with responsible and caring owners. We believe that animals, as living creatures, are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration, and have a value beyond economic measure.
  • To prevent unwanted animals through our neutering initiatives and community animal care projects.
  • To promote respect and compassion for animals through our hands-on work, campaigns and education programmes.
  • To ensure that no healthy animal in our care is ever put to sleep.
Core values
  • To offer the highest standard of companion animal care.
  • To efficiently re-home our animals to the best possible homes and provide ongoing support and advice for new owners.
  • To provide animal accommodation that is home-like, enriched, stimulating, stress free and comfortable.
  • To encourage a non-judgmental approach towards owners and their animals, whatever their circumstances, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal.
  • To meet all requests for help with a prompt and professional response.
  • To raise awareness about the needs of companion animals to protect both the animals of today and the future.
Our History


Mayhew established by Bell Family (people behind Vegetarian Society).

1925 :
Home in disrepair – rescued by RSPCA.

Early 1980’s:
RSPCA decided the Mayhew was too expensive to run – rescued by board of Trustees.

Registration completed as a separate charity.

Early 2000’s:
Mayhew International established.

Key Facts:

Mayhew was named after Annie Mayhew who was the superintendent.

For nearly 60 years Mayhew was part of the RSPCA, known as the North Middlesex Branch.

More than just a rescue and rehoming centre, Mayhew strives to tackle the companion animal welfare crisis through the delivery of a number of community-based outreach programmes.

We recognise that education is key, not only to achieve a reduction in the number of unwanted dogs and cats, but also to ensure that all animals receive appropriate care.

Mayhew has a team of Animal Welfare Officers who provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in difficulty, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community, deliver a range of initiatives, (including a Trap, Neuter, Return programme for London’s feral cats), and collaborate with government and non-government agencies to address the challenges of irresponsible ownership.

Mayhew has a growing International presence to further promote Mayhew’s message of empathetic companion animal welfare through a network of community based animal care initiatives.

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