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Our International Work

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Mayhew International works to promote companion animal welfare and the humane management of homeless cats and dogs through a network of community animal care initiatives. Our work with vets interested in this area of animal welfare has a special significance for international development, benefiting communities in developing countries, many of whom rely on their animals for support.

  • We advocate neutering as the most humane method of dealing with the overpopulation of companion animals.
  • We offer information and advice on the setting up and running of sterilisation programmes.
  • We collaborate with other welfare organisations and university veterinary faculties to provide low-cost veterinary services for local communities.
  • We work with governments and local authorities in an advisory capacity to improve companion animal welfare conditions under their jurisdiction.
  • We offer training for overseas veterinary personnel and animal welfare organisations.

Our work stretches to places as far afield as Afghanistan, Russia, Georgia, India and Nepal.

Mayhew International helps to fund animal birth control projects and treats thousands of innocent animals around the globe. You could help us do so much more by making a one-off or monthly donation. Any amount you can spare is very much appreciated!