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Where We Work

Mayhew International works from the facilities of Mayhew in London, UK. The office responds to requests for information and advice and directs the running of our overseas projects.

Our training programmes are run in conjunction with Mayhew and Mayhew’s Community Veterinary Clinic.

Mayhew International works in the following countries.


Mayhew has been providing assistance to Afghanistan since 2001: advising the Kabul authorities on how to address the issue of free-roaming dogs in Kabul in a humane way and providing veterinary training to Kabul University Vet Faculty and animal welfare organisations on the ground.

In 2015 Mayhew International carried out the first ever dog population survey in Kabul and in 2016 Mayhew registered as an NGO in Afghanistan. This enables us to deliver our long-term strategy of eradicating rabies in Kabul through the implementation of a mass canine rabies vaccination programme and a comprehensive Trap Vaccinate Neuter and Release (TVNR) programme to control,  contain and reduce the free-roaming dog population there.

rabies in afghanistan

Rabies vaccination programme

In January 2017, Mayhew Afghanistan signed a landmark agreement with Kabul Municipality to halt the inhumane practice of dog culling by strychnine poisoning in order to start delivery of our strategy.

Previously Kabul Municipality employed a large number of staff to catch and kill the free-roaming dogs. With the end of the culling programme many of the dog-catchers were concerned about their jobs, but Mayhew Afghanistan planned for opportunities for re-training and has recruited a pool of Kabul Municipality dog catchers. They received training both in India and in Kabul in humane handling and restraint and safe and secure net catching of dogs and are now working as a team with Mayhew Afghanistan personnel to catch and vaccinate the dogs of Kabul against rabies.

Other local Afghan staff were recruited to fill the posts of programme coordinator, vet-vaccinator, surveyor and driver.

As of the end of January 2018, the team had reached our target of more than 70% coverage in 5 separate districts and vaccinated a total of 4,084 dogs.

A second team of dog-catchers from Kabul Municipality staff will be recruited and trained, so that there can be two teams working simultaneously in the city, increasing coverage. The new team is due to start soon and then a new dog survey can be factored in.

Trap Vaccinate Neuter and Release (TVNR) programme

In parallel to the rabies vaccination drive, Mayhew Afghanistan plans to deliver a comprehensive dog population control programme – a Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release initiative with the support of the authorities.

Vet training

Mayhew International also provides extensive veterinary training for Kabul University Veterinary Faculty, and has helped trained veterinary personnel for the Afghan Stray Animal League’s Tigger House facility and Nowzad in Kabul. We work with other government and non-government agencies to advise on companion animal welfare, rabies intervention and veterinary standards.

In addition, we have donated veterinary equipment for the Veterinary Hospital at the Veterinary Science Faculty at Kabul University and continue to provide ongoing support for its operations.



Mayhew International also provides veterinary training in neutering techniques for Russian vets, both at The Mayhew’s Vet Clinic facilities in London and in the field.

We have been involved with companion animal welfare in Moscow since 2001. Presently we support 3 local charities in the capital.

Fond Dingo provides a free neutering service, funded by Mayhew International, for private apartment shelters, hoarding cases and for families on very limited income with pets.

Together with Ekologia Cheloveka, Mayhew International funds the vets that neuter cats for a Trap, Neuter, Release programme in Moscow and the surrounding regions.

We work with PetFund in Moscow. The project mirrors our own TheraPaws animal therapy programme and uses shelter dogs to visit the elderly, the sick and the disabled in hospitals and centres in Moscow. Mayhew International funds facilities where the dogs are rehabilitated, washed and groomed and socialised ready to take part in the programme – a brilliant way to both promote shelter dogs and benefits from the human animal bond.






Mayhew International is one of the few international animal welfare organisations with a presence in Georgia. Mayhew International provides veterinary training for Tbilisi City Council, the Municipal Shelter and local welfare groups working in the city. Together we are working to develop a humane stray animal control programme for the dog overpopulation in the city and raising the standards of small animal veterinary care and welfare, including workshops and seminars in animal welfare and small animal reproductive surgery for the Veterinary Faculty at the Agrarian University of Tbilisi.

In addition, Mayhew International supports spay and neuter programmes for shelter dogs and Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Release initiatives run by local charities including Dog Organisation Georgia (DOG) and Homeless Pets Help Organisation (HPHO).

MI Chief Vet Ursula Goetz MRCVS GPCert (SAS) at Tbilisi Uni

Vet training at Tbilisi Municipal Shelter




In Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state in eastern India, we are supporting the training and development of local organisation, HOPE & Animal Trust. This includes a Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Release programme and rabies vaccination project for Ranchi, combined with educational initiatives for schools and community groups to raise awareness about the benefits of neutering the street dogs, rabies prevention and how to behave around dogs. In addition, we provide veterinary training and assist in lobbying the local authorities on the importance of using humane methods to address the problems of the overpopulation of street dogs and the spread of rabies.

Ranchi is one of the focal points of Mission Rabies in India and Mayhew International is sponsoring the Rabies vaccination programme in Ranchi.

Mayhew International is also working with Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) at the International Training Centre in Tamil Nadu, providing veterinary training in canine surgery.



If you have a special interest in the development of companion animal welfare in a particular country, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.