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Stray cat found with badly infected ear and in need of urgent treatment

Mayhew is marking today’s World Stray Day (April 4th, 2018) by highlighting the story of one of our residents that has been with us for nearly a year. In May last year, Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers discovered an injured stray cat near Dollis Hill, North West London that was in need of urgent medical attention. […]

Mayhew helps 18 stray puppies and dogs on a US marine base in Georgia

Ahead of World Stray Day today, Mayhew International – in partnership with Dog Organisation Georgia (DOG) – has helped 18 stray dogs and puppies after they were found living on and around a US marine base in Rustavi, about 45 minutes south of Tbilisi. One of the marines, who had been fostering for DOG, reported […]

Keep Paws off the Easter Chocolate!

Chocolate might be a delicious treat for us humans, but for our four-legged friends it’s a whole different story, often with a devastating ending. With Easter falling on 1st April this year, we want to make sure pet owners aren’t fooled by seemingly sweet treats and are aware of the toxic effects chocolate can have […]

Six Saluki Cross Puppies No Longer Wanted

Six Saluki Whippet cross puppies, who were no longer wanted, are now on the lookout for their forever homes. The six-month-old pups, named Rolo, Minstrel, Bounty, Skittles, Cadbury and Twirl, were brought into Mayhew, after their previous owner was unable to cope with looking after them. Mayhew’s Dog Adoption Officer, Lisa Guiney, said: “We had […]

Puppy Purchased While Parents Were On Holiday

A three-month-old puppy, who was bought while the buyer’s parents were on holiday, but later no longer wanted, has found a new home. The Jack Russell pup, named Donnie, had been sold to a young buyer who had purchased the pup while their parents were on holiday. Unfortunately after the parents returned from holiday they […]

Young Stray Cat Found Covered in 11 Ticks

A six-month-old cat, found covered in 11 ticks and living in an outdoor cupboard, is now on the mend and looking for a new home. The black and white stray, named Victoria, was discovered by a member of the public near Brent Cross in North West London. They were concerned about the condition she was […]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

Wednesday 14th March marks Dog Theft Awareness Day, and in 2017 DogsLost.co.uk reported that incidences of dog theft in the UK had risen by 24% since 2014. Sadly, it’s a highly profitable crime, and one that is devastating to the owner affected. While there needs to be more done to stop dogs being stolen in […]

Frightened Kitten With Matted Hair Found Dumped

A four-month-old kitten, who was recently found abandoned all alone with severely matted hair in North West London, is now on the mend. The young black and white kitten, named Minikeba, was discovered by a member of the public in a garden and was immediately brought into Mayhew, as they were worried about his condition. […]

70,000th Dog Neutered in Ranchi, India

Mayhew International and HOPE and Animal Trust team reached an incredible milestone of neutering 70,000 dogs in Ranchi, northern India, in 9 years on World Spay Day (27th February, 2018) this year. Mayhew International has been funding a systematic Animal Birth Control and Vaccination programme with HOPE since 2008 and neutered a further 40 dogs […]

‘Tiny’ Puppy Found Abandoned and Wrapped Up in a Towel in a Park

A dehydrated puppy, who was found abandoned and wrapped up in a towel in a park, has now found a new safe home to spend the rest of his years in. The three-month-old Chihuahua pup, named Tiny, was discovered by a member of the public late at night, shivering and cold, under a hedge in […]