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The Mayhew’s response to the dog attack and death of a baby in Blackburn

The Mayhew was saddened to hear about the death of a young girl in Blackburn last night and our thoughts are with the friends and family affected by this terrible incident. This case once again reinforces the urgent need to tackle irresponsible dog ownership. At present it is far too easy to obtain a dog […]

First TV ad for The Mayhew Animal Home

Renowned Advertising Agency BBH and Production Company Moxie Pictures create and fund first TV ad for The Mayhew Animal Home Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Creative Director Dominic Goldman has written and directed a 90 second film for The Mayhew Animal Home produced and funded by Moxie Pictures to encourage people to adopt a dog. The video […]

The Mayhew Animal Home TV Advert - Unloved

The Mayhew Animal Home receives a special delivery

On the 11th February The Mayhew Animal Home received an unusual call from a concerned staff member at Harlesden Royal Mail depot, saying a cat and her four small kittens had been found in one of their unused mail trolleys. The kittens were only two weeks old – and with mum defiantly by their side […]

Rescued kittens at the Mayhew Animal Home, London

Mayhew International calls for Putin to stop the planned dog cull in Sochi

Mayhew International, part of The Mayhew Animal Home has launched an emergency campaign to alert people to the proposed culling of stray dogs in Sochi in the run up to the Olympics this weekend. Reports say that a company has been appointed to catch and destroy around 2000 dogs in Sochi despite assurances last year […]

Russian cull of dogs Mayhew International

The Mayhew takes in two unwanted Christmas puppies

Just before Christmas two puppies were taken in by The Mayhew as unwanted Christmas gifts. Charles and Chelsea were just three months old when they arrived, healthy and happy, but homeless. The Mayhew were saddened but not surprised by their arrival, despite the very well-known message that animals are not objects to be given away […]

Charles and Chelsea rescued dogs