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Marc Abraham and The Mayhew Join Tesco Bank’s Pet Roadshow

We teamed up with our friend and veterinary surgeon, Marc Abraham, at Tesco Bank’s Pet Roadshow which spent the day at Tesco’s superstore in Kensington, London. Tesco is sponsoring National Pet Month and promoting  responsible pet ownership during the month-long event. Marc, founder of Pup Aid, is also a great advocate for adopting pets rather […]

Be Aware This Easter

Across the UK over 400 dogs and cats were treated for chocolate poisoning last Easter. As little as 50g (0.1lbs) can prove fatal to a dog/cat of a small size as they are allergic to a chemical in chocolate called THEOBROMINE. If, like many owners, you cannot resist giving your pet a little Easter treat make sure it […]

The Truth Behind Common Microchipping Myths

Microchipping your pet is a hallmark of responsible pet ownership, and is now a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of eight weeks in England and Wales. Not only is microchipping quick, cheap and harmless, it is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your beloved companion can be reunited, […]

Our Animal Welfare Officers Educate Local Cub Scouts

Why do people keep animals? What do animals need to be happy and healthy? These are just a couple of the questions posed and answered by two of our Animal Welfare Officers, Paul Grimes and Alisa Ford, when they took the time to visit 28th Willesden Cub Scouts to give an educational talk on the […]

Abandoned Young Mummy Cat Finds her Fairy Tale Ending

A young pregnant mummy cat, who gave birth in a tool shed, is finally on her way to finding happiness thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home. The one-year-old cat, named Mimi, was found abandoned and giving birth by a member of the public in North London. The kind resident, Elizabeth Chrysanthou, couldn’t believe it when […]

It’s #NationalPuppyDay!

We can think of no better way to celebrate Puppy Day than with footage of some of our adorable, fuzzy pups. Every year, we see hundreds of puppies in need come through our doors, so today we take a look at our most recent success stories! These gorgeous pups came to us in desperate need and […]

Young Cat Dumped Outside Homebase Starving and Covered in Oil

A terrified and emaciated cat, who was dumped in the rain outside Homebase, has finally found happiness thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home. The 13-month-old tabby and white cat, named Kimmie by Mayhew staff, was discovered in a wire top cat carrier by a member of the public in Homebase’s car park in East Acton. […]

Deaf Dachshund Finds his Happily Ever After

An adorable dachshund type, who despite being born completely deaf and learning sign language, has never given up hope and has now found his pawfect home thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home. The ten-month-old, named Bob, first arrived at The Mayhew after his previous owners sadly could no longer look after him anymore. They had originally […]

Elderly Cat Finds Purrrfect Home After Waiting
21 Months

An elderly rescue cat who waited nearly two years to be adopted has finally found a forever home to spend her twilight years in, thanks to The Mayhew Animal Home. Beautiful 13-year-old tortoiseshell Rosie first arrived with us way back in May 2015 after her previous owner sadly became too ill to care for her. […]

Nature’s Playground

Cats and dogs arrive at The Mayhew for a variety of reasons, in desperate need of our help. Here are some of the ideas we use to help reduce stress and anxiety in those animals, which you could easily recreate in your own home and garden this spring. Kitten Garden Our kitten garden was designed […]