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Home from Home Scheme

Animals find themselves needing new homes for a whole range of reasons and it can be a stressful time for both the animal and the owner. The ‘Home from Home’ scheme was set up to enable an animal to stay with their owner while a new home is found.

How does the ‘home from home’ scheme work?
As with all the animals in our care they receive a thorough vet check and are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before going up for adoption. The owner fills out a detailed questionnaire on the animal’s personality and in the case of dogs have a thorough behaviour assessment in their home. Once ready for adoption the animal’s details are then placed on our website. Anyone interested in offering them a home needs to first visit The Mayhew to meet with one of the adoption officers and a suitable match can visit the animal in their home. If, after the meeting, the potential adopter would like to proceed with the adoption a home visit is carried out and if successful the animal is collected from The Mayhew Animal Home at a later date.

What are the benefits of the scheme?
It prevents the animal having to enter a kennel or cattery environment which can be very stressful for any animal. It enables the animal to go from one loving home to another and also frees up more spaces at our shelter to help other animals in need. Some people also like it because it means they can meet the new owner and find out more about where their pet will be living and the adopter often finds it useful meeting the original owner to find out more about the animal’s personality.

How can I arrange for my animal to be rehomed via this scheme?
To request the addition of your animal to this scheme please call our reception on 0208 962 8009 or email info@mayhewanimalhome.org

Unfortunately we cannot accept dogs with aggression issues onto this scheme, nor dogs classed as Section One type under the Dangerous Dogs Act.