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Extra-Mural Studies

Whilst the universities are responsible for teaching students the knowledge they need when first graduating, (‘Day One Competencies’), is on Extra-Mural Study placements where students further their practical skills in animal handling and apply in ‘real life’ the clinical skills they have learnt at university. New graduates are therefore able to ‘hit the ground running’, having developed their Day One competencies whilst on EMS placements during their degree course.

Mayhew’s Community Veterinary Clinic is known to provide high standard, hands on, practical orientated EMS placements focusing on animal welfare and shelter medicine. Our placements are high in demand so students are encouraged to book well in advance.

How to apply

If you wish to apply please contact our Chief Veterinary Officer Ursula Goetz, MRCVS, GPCert (SAS) at ursula@mayhewanimalhome.org