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Defleaing & Deworming

If your animal has been seen in the last year for its vaccinations with Mayhew, you’ll be able to buy defleaing and deworming products from our reception, who you can call on 020 8962 8017. If not, your local vet will be able to advise.

Defleaing and deworming are important to keep your pet at optimal health. Fleas and other parasites can cause anything from minor irritations to severe health issues, which can be fatal.

Defleaing involves applying a spot of liquid to the back of an animal’s neck once a month. Deworming involves giving your pet a tablet, granules or a paste every 3 months for adult animals and more often for puppies and kittens.

Mayhew strongly advises using products recommended by us or your vet, as many other easily available treatments are found to be ineffective or less effective. Some over-the-counter treatment are very dangerous if given to the wrong animal, so advice from us or your local vet should always be sought to ensure that the most effective and safest treatment is prescribed or recommended for your pet. The treatment must also be for the correct weight and age of animal, so it’s important for a professional to explain the dosage.