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Alfie's name means that he is noble and ready and he is all of those things and more. He is a wise soul who has seen it, done it and is now happy to do things his way. As for being ready he is itching to find a super new home where he can be loved!

5 years and 3 months
Reason for arrival
Toilet trained?
Can be left alone?
A full working day (provided a cat flap is fitted)
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
All adult home
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
Possibly (See Notes)
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Alfie is a sensitive soul and would do best in a quiet home. He is very playful and likes company and sometimes follows you from room to room just to be with you. He will sit on your lap when it suits him but mostly prefers to sit on a cushion next to you. His favourite toy is his rattly ball and he is a smart cat who loves having his meals in food enrichment toys. He loves his grub and as soon as you become his feeder he will love you even more, this is because he was previously a stray cat and he never knew where his next meal was coming from. Alfie likes some fuss and will let you know when he would like a break. He would prefer a new home in a low cat populated area as he got bullied by cats and uses two Litter trays indoors.
Alfie arrived as a stray cat who was a bit under the weather. He looked at the world through squinted eyes and it was found he actually needed surgery. Without it he would probably not have survived out on the mean streets of London. As a result of his corrective entropion surgery which is a condition where the eyelashes rub on the eye his eyes are in much better shape. He still occasionally squints but he is no pain. He does suffer from his eye's getting a bit watery as he also caught flu so you just have to be sure to clean his eyes to make sure they don't get all gunky. He has had some dirty ears in the past which have been cleaned up so its something to keep an eye on. Alfie needs some TLC and someone who will give him a helping hand!

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