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Look at this handsome chap! Alfie would be a perfect companion for someone with a quiet & relaxed lifestyle. He's a sensitive boy who just needs someone to love him & understand that the world worries him. Could you be his Wonderwoman/Superman?

4 years and 10 months
Reason for arrival
Toilet trained?
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
No (and also no visiting young children)
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
Possibly (See Notes)
From my foster carer
Alfie is a sensitive soul and would do best in a quiet home as he is easily startled. But he is very playful and likes company, sometimes following you from room to room just to be with you. He will sometime sit on your lap but mostly prefers to sit on a cushion next to you. He does not mind being picked up for brief periods. His favourite games are a rattly ball and a lazer pen toy. He also enjoys having his meals in food enrichment toys. He is very food orientated as he was previously a stray where he wouldn't know where his next meal was coming from. Alfie prefers brief stroking sessions and will let you know when he would like a break. He would prefer a new home in a low cat populated area as he get bullied
Alfie has previously had entropion which is a condition where the eyelashes rub on the eye. He has had corrective surgery which pulls the eyelid back into the correct position. The Mayhew can help with treatment if problems arise relating to this surgery. Please ask for more information

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