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This gorgeous lady is such a pretty girl and she knows it! She'll be the Queen of your new home in no time at all. And she's super friendly with a great Purr-sonality too. So what are you waiting for? Why not ask about meeting our Charlotte?

8 years and 4 months
Reason for arrival
Owner had no time for a cat
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
12 years and older
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
Yes (see notes)
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
She is a little furbear & has taken ownership of the flat quickly. She is not that interested in exercise or play but she hikes through the flat & we keep animating her. Though she caught & ate a fly the other day. That was the fastest I've seen her move. She gives us lots of headbumps & cuddles & talks. She is a very pleasant & super friendly cat. Tolerates handling extremely well & can sleep everywhere. Very attentive to what happens outside.She is very curious & wants to know whatever we're doing, otherwise a very chilled & independent cat. Not so much a lap cat but she is very affectionate & always talks & seeks answers. She loves sitting in bags & boxes. Grooming is also one of her favourites & has never been grumpy towards us.
Stunning Charlotte is hoping to find a kindred spirit who understands all about dieting! She likes her grub a bit too much, but her diet is going well and this will need to be continued in her new home. Whilst Charlotte does need a garden, she prefers to use a litter tray indoors rather than toilet outside. Charlotte has a heart murmur which may sound scary but is something you simply need to monitor. They grade a heart murmur out of 6 and she is a 3. She currently needs no treatment for this and we have checked her heart to make sure there is no sign of heart disease and this has come back showing no issues. A Heart murmur is simply a slightly irregular pattern to the heart beat.