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Kizzy is full of katitude and loves a bit of Rock N Roll. She takes life in her stride but likes things her way and isn't shy of telling you off if you do something displeasing! Queen Kizzy demands the red carpet treatment but also want to be loved

18 months
Reason for arrival
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Sensible teenagers
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
None known
From my foster carer
Kizzy came to the shelter in a cardboard box. Wanting to get her out of her shell and see her happy, the Mayhew placed her with me to foster. After just a few days, Kizzy turned into my shadow. She keeps me company while brushing my teeth, sitting on the bathtub corner, sleeps next to me during the night, watches TV with me and enjoys dinner time. She also enjoys being carried about! There are two things in life that Kizzy really loves; food and cuddles. Feed her first and cuddles will follow. She is a bit of a diva and will tell you when she’s had enough. Typical cat!Kizzy has a lot of love to give and can’t wait to find her forever home!
Kizzy has lots of love to give once she gets to know you. She enjoys her fuss but you will need to take it slow as you get to know each other. She enjoys sleeping in her bed which is attached to the top of her cabin door. The height makes her feel secure which makes for a happy kizzy cat! This miniature panther is ready to melt your heart with those big sad eyes. Just think how rewarding it would be, to be her safety blanket once she learns to love you!

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