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Lord Meowington

This rather dashing kitty is looking to take up residence in your palace and be lord of all that Meows. This feline aristo-cat, is partial to a head bump and purring loudly in ones ear! He is an affectionate guy with a sensitive soul who needs TLC!

2 years and 8 months
Reason for arrival
Toilet trained?
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
All adult home without visiting young children
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
Potentially (See Notes)
From my foster carer
Lord Meowington is a very friendly cat, he loves sitting on your lap and curling up beside you. If you don't pay him enough attention he will let you know by putting his head under you hand! He can be a sensitive soul so would be best in an all adult home, preferably with someone home at least part of the day. He is a very good cat! His favourite past time is eating and playing with his toys. Every so often he will have a mad half hour when he is running about then he has to take an hours rest and we have often found him asleep will a ball in his paws.
Lord Meowington had a small mass removed from his tongue. It was benign and will not cause further problems. He has fractured Canine teeth which our vets decided best to leave at this time as they are not causing him any problems. But may need removing at a future date. The Mayhew can help with costs if they need removing within 6 months of adoption. He has previously had some mild sneezing and gets a runny eye which has not caused him any issues Lord Meowington is a sensitive cat and will need a quiet home. He is sensitive about his litter tray type and placement and therefore will need 2 covered litter trays is his new home. He will need easy access to a private garden via a cat flap.