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Pearl is a gorgeous girl who loves a warm lap to sit upon and playing with a dangly string toy, and will pounce on it from afar. She also enjoys balls and loves her tiny mouse toys with feather tails. She does also seems to like a bit of catnip!

6 years and 4 months
Black and white
Reason for arrival
Toilet trained?
Can be left alone?
A full working day (provided a cat flap is fitted)
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
Sensible teenagers
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
Has been treated for in past (See Notes)
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Pearl is ever such a sweet and gentle girl who will quickly steal your heart. She can be a little shy around strangers, but once she gets to know and trust you, she is friendly and loving. She is incredibly sweet natured and has never scratched or bitten us. Pearl’s favourite thing is having cheek rubs, where she’ll purr away like a furry lawnmower and dribble. She has an affinity for padding, whether that’s your legs, a blanket or even the air – she loves it! She even enjoys a belly rub and often stretches out to show you her adorably, soft tummy. She also is playful and inquisitive, and likes following you about to explore different areas of the house. Not forgetting, Pearl is an incredibly gorgeous, irresistible cat!
Pearl developed a rash where she was shaved for neutering. This was itchy for her which caused her to lick it until it because sore. This was resolved with treatment.

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