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Tarka is a very sweet girl who needs some stability. She has had a mixed bag in life so far but despite it all she is very affectionate and loves to sit on laps. She has a loud purr and has the most amazing tail that looks like a racoon! Too cute!

6 years and 11 months
Tabby & White
Reason for arrival
Change of circumstances
Can be left alone?
A full working day (provided a cat flap is fitted)
Can live with dogs?
Can live with cats?
Can live with children?
All adult home
Garden required?
Medical conditions?
None known
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Tarka is shy with new people but once she knows you, she’ll be a loyal friend. She knows when you’re sitting somewhere comfy & will appear next to you on the sofa for strokes (& bed too if she’s allowed). She’ll remind you to stroke her if you stop via gentle head-buts or a paw on your hand! She loves to play & has favourite toy mice which she carries about faithfully in her mouth. Tarka is easily scared by sudden movements or noises & will retreat to her safe places if alarmed - but in the time we’ve had her so far she seems to be relaxing quite a bit, so hopefully this is a remnant from her old Home which will lessen with time. She is portly to put it politely, but is not greedy at all, so with exercise & a diet she should shed the weight
Tarka has had a unique life so far living in separate parts of the same house to the dog she lived, but never got on with. Despite it all Tarka is a sweet girl who is thriving in a calmer environment showing us a playful side we never knew she had. She would enjoy a garden and needs to shed a few pounds as she is a portly girl but with some exercise and a bit of a diet she will be back to a healthier weight in no time.Tarka is in foster care and can be seen there in the comfort of a home environment by appointment. Interviews are always conducted prior to visiting a foster home to ensure you will be a good match.

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