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Beautiful Abbey's an affectionate girl who gets along well with everyone she meets & likes hanging out with people. She also loves going to the park & meeting up & playing with other dogs, and enjoys visiting the local pub with her foster carers!

15 months
Bullbreed mix
Reason for arrival
Toilet trained?
Can be left alone?
2-3 hours
Travels well?
Yes (including public transport)
Knows basic commands?
Friendly with strangers?
Can live with dogs?
Yes providing they're the right match
Can live with cats?
No - she dislikes cats
Can live with children?
12 years and older
Can live in a flat?
Sociable with dogs on walks?
Will need to attend training classes?
Owner experience required?
Would suit first-time owner
Daily exercise required?
1hr off-lead walk
Medical conditions?
See notes
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Abbey has a heart of gold, affectionate with everyone and not a bad bone in her. Loves head ,ears, tummy and all over body rubs. Loves her food and toys. Walks well with no pulling and knows basic commands. Off lead needs watching due to her poor hearing but recalls well to calling her name loudly and clapping - she always keeps you in sight. She can hear more than you think and is always aware of you. Great on public transport, car and in pubs etc. Likes routine, can be boisterous if you get excited. Once she knows her boundary, and who the parent is, she behaves very well. Great for someone who wants a well behaved, happy and affectionate dog.
Abbey's had a Total Ear Canal Ablation performed on her right ear, after previously having the same procedure on her left ear. This is because she had a chronic, irreversible ear infection and damage to her ear canal, so the ear canal has been removed. Although she doesn't have perfect hearing, she can still hear as her middle ear is still present

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