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Cheeky Chico is full of character. Active, out-going and playful, he always enjoys a good game with his toys and especially enjoys playing with them while snuggling up next to you.

6 years and 8 months
Terrier mixed breed
Reason for arrival
Owner made homeless
Toilet trained?
Can be left alone?
3-4 hours
Travels well?
Knows basic commands?
Friendly with strangers?
Can live with dogs?
No - he would prefer to be the only dog in the home
Can live with cats?
No - he dislikes cats
Can live with children?
16 years and older
Sociable with dogs on walks?
Yes (but can sometimes be grumpy!)
Will need to attend training classes?
Dependant on your level of experience
Owner experience required?
Experienced owner
Daily exercise required?
1hr off-lead walk
Medical conditions?
None known
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Chico settled into our routine very well from day one, he really is a pleasure to look after. A confident & happy little dog, very easy going & enjoys his walks & doesn’t mind if they are short or longer. He's very easy to manage when out & will come back when called (most of the time unless there is a big distraction) He's not fussy with food & eats everything quickly; he does like to be left well alone at meal times though. He's very good in the house & he's very clean & will ask to go out if there is an emergency! He loves to play with all his toys, especially the squeaky ones. In our opinion Chico would be an a very good choice for anyone wanting a smaller dog, maybe someone looking for a cheeky companion.
Chico can sometimes be bossy with other dogs, especially large males. For this reason we would prefer to rehome him in a rural, semi rural or low dog populated area.

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