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Affectionate little Crystal enjoys the company of people and builds very strong bonds. She's also super playful and loves playing with squeaky toys.

5 years and 4 months
Reason for arrival
Welfare Case: No longer wanted
Toilet trained?
Occasionally has accidents
Can be left alone?
1-2 hours
Travels well?
Knows basic commands?
Not yet
Friendly with strangers?
Can live with dogs?
No - she would prefer to be the only dog in the home
Can live with cats?
No - she dislikes cats
Can live with children?
All adult home without visiting young children
Can live in a flat?
No due to her vocal nature
Sociable with dogs on walks?
Yes (but can sometimes be grumpy!)
Will need to attend training classes?
Owner experience required?
Experienced owner
Daily exercise required?
1hr off-lead walk
Medical conditions?
Mammary tumour removed & Sensitive skin
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Crystal's a beautiful dog who loves being with the family. She enjoys cuddling up & being by your side. She's most happy when she's together with the ones she loves. She's such a cute dog filled with kisses & a beautiful smile that shows her kind heart. She's always up when I get up for work & always waiting by the door when I get home. She can get quite excited & will pick up her own lead or point you to the direction she wants to go or run around to show you what she wants but when she’s done she calms down & ready to sleep. She's a dog that loves quickly so change can be difficult but she's smart, a bit cocky, a dog full of personality & a quick learner. An amazing dog, a beauty to have in my life, anybody would be lucky to have her.