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Little Lady hasn't had the best start in life, she can be very nervous of new people but once a bond has been built she is extremely loving and affectionate and loves nothing more than climbing on your lap for cuddles and belly rubs!

5 years and 10 months
Reason for arrival
Welfare Case: No longer wanted
Toilet trained?
Can be left alone?
2-3 hours
Travels well?
Knows basic commands?
Friendly with strangers?
Nervous (can sometimes be grumpy)
Can live with dogs?
No - she would prefer to be the only dog in the home
Can live with cats?
No - she dislikes cats
Can live with children?
All adult home without visiting young children
Can live in a flat?
No due to her vocal nature
Sociable with dogs on walks?
Yes (but can sometimes be grumpy!)
Will need to attend training classes?
Owner experience required?
Experienced owner
Daily exercise required?
1hr gentle off-lead walk
Medical conditions?
Yes (see notes)
In a foster home?
From my foster carer
Lady's an energetic, loving & loyal dog. She has plenty of energy for long walks & tends to stay by your side. Takes a little time for her to trust you but after that she's very loving & likes nothing more than a belly rub & cuddle. She's not interested in toys and she can get herself in a twist (barking) when people are outside the house or when the postman comes. Adorable Lady has proven herself to be very rewarding.
Lady has luxating patellas in both her knees but at the moment they're not causing her any pain, if this were to change in the near future her adopters can return to The Mayhew clinic for surgery to correct the problem free of charge.

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