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Playful Marley's a friendly & very active pup who'll grow up to be a large dog. He's looking for someone who is experienced with dogs & knowledgeable about dog behaviour, with plenty of time on their hands to continue his training & socialisation.

On hold
6 months
Reason for arrival
Landlord won't allow dogs
Toilet trained?
Not fully
Can be left alone?
Will need someone at home for most of the day
Travels well?
Knows basic commands?
Yes (but needs further training)
Friendly with strangers?
Yes (but needs further socialisation)
Can live with dogs?
Yes if it's a well-behaved adult dog who can cope with his lively nature
Can live with cats?
Yes (as long as my owner can teach me not to chase them)
Can live with children?
16 years and older (no visiting young children)
Can live in a flat?
Yes (if it's ground floor with a garden)
Sociable with dogs on walks?
Yes (but needs more socialisation)
Will need to attend training classes?
Owner experience required?
Experienced owner
Daily exercise required?
2 gentle 30 minute walks rising to at least 1-2hrs off-lead exercise once fully grown
Medical conditions?
None known
He has a high chase drive for this reason we would like to find him a semi-rural home where he can exercised away from joggers & cyclists while his owners work on addressing this behaviour. He can live with another dog providing his owners are able to control his boisterous behaviour and have the facilities to give him time-out when needed.