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About Gomez

When Gomez came into us he was continuously shaking and scratching his head in discomfort, and was clearly very distressed and scared. His ears had been badly infected for some time, so long in fact that the ears had become thickened and folded over.

Current appeal

Home for Christmas

...where all our animals long to be. Ivy was found abandoned and alone on the streets at only 15 months old. Her eyes were visibly sore and inflamed so our Animal Welfare Officers rushed the English Bulldog puppy to our on-site Vet Clinic...

Sick Puppy Abandoned in Cat Carrier and Left for Dead

A terribly emaciated and sick puppy was brought into The Mayhew Animal Home, after she was found abandoned in a cat carrier.

Terrified, Freezing and Alone

At only five weeks old, Rascal and Toby were cruelly dumped in a box and left for dead.

Joy, Love and a Home… It’s all they want this Christmas

Please spare a thought for the animals spending Christmas at The Mayhew. A donation could help keep them happy and comfortable as they wait patiently for their forever homes.

A lucky escape

Meet Molly, a young female cat who fell from the third floor of a tower block in West London. Molly had not been neutered and was desperate to get out and find a mate. She managed to break through the protection on her owner's balcony...

Left to suffer on the streets

WHEN LUDU WAS picked up by HOPE & Animal Trust’s dog catching team while on a routine vaccination drive in Ranchi, northern India, the team could see immediately that she was suffering.